Plan Your Attack – Fitness & Weight Loss Planner

Plan Your Attack - Fitness & Weight Loss Planner

Plan Your Attack

Fitness & Weight Loss Planner

Can you believe it? It’s nearly 2017!!!  I can honestly tell you I am so NOT ready for it.  I mean, 2016 has not been my best year as far as weight loss and fitness goes (not my worst either).  It started off great.  Then… hit a bump.  I got back on track.  Then hit a pothole and I have staid there ever since.

So after having a little pity-party for myself I decided to truly get myself focused and prepared for the New Year.  I am going to be organized and have a fantastic plan of attack – and it’s going to be in writing!

I’ve created a Fitness & Weight Loss Planner and I’m sharing it with all of you!  Let’s ROCK 2017 together!

Inside this planner you’ll find

  • A fun motivational cover for your planner.
  • Quotable Quotes

    • First of all, you need to keep yourself moving and write down those quotes that get you fired up.
  • Master List of Goals

    • You can’t accomplish your weight loss with out a plan.  You can’t plan with out goals.  Keep a master list of all of your goals that will help you reach your end accomplishment.
  • Monthly Goals

    • Break your master goals down into monthly goals.  That master list may look overwhelming so breaking it down will help you see how you can actually reach them.
  • Measurements

    • How in the world would you ever know how far you’ve come if you don’t know exactly where you started?  Create a “Starting Measurement” and then keep track monthly, quarterly however often you’d like.  Then, once you’ve reached your final goal record it!
  • Weekly Fitness/Weight Loss Goals

    • Plan your success!  Every week and every day our plan will need to change and be tweaked a bit.  Pick a day of the week.  Sit down with your calendar and plan how you are going to meet your goals.  Maybe one week you need to work out at 6:00am Monday but the next week you can hit it at 7:00am.  Schedule your success!
  • Weekly Meal & Water Log

    • We MUST honestly track our food and water every day.  Keep it accurate and keep it real.  Keep it written down.
  • Exercise Log

    • How are you burning the fat?  Write it down.  Keep track.
  • A Week in Review

    • When you have a tough week take a look at your meals & fitness logs and see what you need to tweak for the next week.  This is how we will stay on track and reach our goals.  Maybe, just maybe your motivation will increase.
  • Track Your Shoes 

    • Keep your feet (plus knees and back) healthy.  Change out your shoes every 300-500 miles.
  • Grocery Shopping List

    • Finally, we have a shopping list for you.  This list has basic sections of every grocery store listed to keep you efficient at the store.  It will also help you stay on track so you don’t add anything to your cart that shouldn’t be in there.

So to get your hands on this new Fitness & Weight Loss Planner {for free} all you need to is subscribe to!

Seriously, it’s that simple!

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  1. Looking forward to printing this out and using it! I was challenged back in July to get moving and eating healthy. I have since lost 32 lbs. I have been using My Fitness Pal, Fitbit and Map My Walk, but would love to keep track on paper. I think this will really help me!

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