When Frustration Sets In

When Frustration Sets In

When Frustration Sets In

We all go through times in our life that are frustrating.  Jobs.  Kids.  Relationships.  Life.  Because it can all be frustrating.  So of course loosing weight is no different.  In fact, if you’re like me, all those other frustrations tend to sneak into my weight loss efforts and THEN my weight loss (or lack of) becomes frustrating.

I have 5 Go To Action Steps that I take for when frustration begins to set in:

  1. Write Down My Frustrations:  In order to not dwell on my frustrations I like to write them down.
    • Your first action step is to write it all down.  Let it all out.  Then throw it away.  Tear it up.  Burn it.  Whatever helps you most.  But once it’s gone – don’t revisit that same frustration.  Leave it in the past!
  2. It’s a Lifestyle Change Not a Diet:  In the middle of those frustrating days it can be hard to look at your new healthy lifestyle as just that – a lifestyle.  When we’re frustrated we want to go back to those old unhealthy habits of over eating, eating those treats that only set you backwards, or just being that slug on the sofa.
    • Your second action step is to remind yourself you are changing your life (not dieting) and that means how you handle frustration needs to change too.  Change your frustrating treat to something healthy.  Start doing crunches or planks to burn the frustration away.  Because, you’re in the process of changing YOUR LIFE!
  3. Make a List – What’s Working vs What’s Not Working:  So obviously I’m big on writing things down.  It’s true I love my lists.  But this one you’re going to keep to remind yourself of what you need to focus on.
    • Your third action step is to grab a piece of paper and divide it in half.  One side for “What’s Working” the other “What’s NOT Working”.  Now start writing what is helping you get out of your funk and what you think is holding you back.  What is helping you keep on track with your new healthy lifestyle and what is rocking your boat.  Keep this list handy and review it often during your funk.
  4. Redirect My Focus:  So now you’ve written down your frustration and tossed it – gone for good.  You’ve written a list of what to do and what not to do and you’re saving it.  It’s time to refocus on yourself.
    • Your fourth action step is to take your list of “What’s Working” and “What’s NOT Working” and keep it somewhere you will look at it every day.  On your fridge, pantry door, bathroom mirror – anywhere it will smack you in your face and make you focus on “What’s Working”!
  5. Take Back Control:  Most of all – this is your life!!!  You can control your thoughts, actions and words.  You are in control of your lifestyle you’ve chosen – not whatever has entered your life and frustrated you.  Don’t allow those people or circumstances to control you and your life.  It’s all up to you!!!
    • Your fifth action step is to feel the power you have over your own life.  Know that you can take that control back and keep it!  Nothing can take that away from you as long as you don’t let it.

We all go through those rocky times in life.  Some times it feels like we are getting just absolutely hammered with those days.  But I promise you, when you follow these steps and reset your focus back on your healthy lifestyle you’ve chosen, you will take back the control.  You will keep moving forward.  And you will have a happier life too!

How do you deal with your frustrating times?

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