Motivation: What quote motivates you?


There is one quote I always turn to when I need some motivation. 
“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right. “
Henry Ford
Now, the reason I love this is because he is completely correct.  We are the only ones that get in our way.  We are the only ones that can keep ourselves from accomplishing all the things we dream of.  Others can try to stop you from accomplishing something BUT you are the only one that determines whether you will succeed or not. 
This relates to every part of your life, but can really change the way you look at your weight loss journey. 
There are those days where I think that I can’t get this workout fit in and if I keep thinking that way, I WON’T get the workout in.   I have to keep telling myself that I can get things done.  Like eating right and working out. 
It’s like a pep talk.
I have a tendency to get stuck in my own head.  I will allow self-defeating comments flow through my mind and work towards bringing me down.  I am not perfect and it’s a daily struggle.  But, that’s where the above quote comes in.  My success is all based on whether I think I can do it or not.  If I tell myself I can’t, then I will surly fail. 
When I get stuck in those thoughts that are bringing me down I remember this quote.  It helps shift my thinking to more positive thoughts and motivates me to eat better, workout more, and live each day to it’s best. 
Because I am right…If I think I can accomplish something then I will.  If I think it’s impossible…then it is. 
What is your favorite motivational quote?  

– Bethany Grove

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