Jump Start Your Health

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Jump Start Your Health

In August I had enough of feeling lousy, tired, and feeling my heart flutter. I knew I was not eating in a way that producing good health- ice cream, cookies, cake, are not parts of a well-balanced diet.

In my head I knew I needed to change things around drastically. However, the will power to do so was just not there. In the evening I would crack and grab a few cookies from the pantry or eat some left over cake or have one or two granola bars (because those are supposed to be “good” for you, right?). My clothes were getting tighter, my available clothes to wear were getting to be less, and I was getting down and depressed about my weight.

Finally in Early August, I decided that enough was enough.

I went online and started searching for healthy lifestyle options for eating. I wanted something that would jump start our health and weight loss. My husband and  I  decided to go on a plan that was natural based- fruits, vegetables, and protein- no processed foods. At. All.

We learned to love fruits and veggies. We began feeling better physically. And in the process I lost 11 pounds!

What did I learn by eating this way?

Health is often a choice. We have to choose to eat right. When we would have a cheat night, we felt miserable the following day. Cheat nights became fewer and farther between.

Eating right takes time. It takes time to eat healthy options- not just in the act of eating, but in the process of preparing that food. Grabbing a box of cereal and adding milk takes no time at all. Scrambling eggs, chopping some veggies to throw in, and standing over the stove to cook is much more time consuming, but in the end, it is so much better for us.

Our children will learn how to eat by watching us. They will see what good food choices are based on what we choose to eat. Do I want my children to struggle with their weight as teens and adults? No. Teaching them how to eat well now will eliminate that issue if they learn that good foods cause us to feel good and processed foods make us feel badly.

Are we still on the rigidness of our summer eating plan? No. Yet I have not gained weight. I learned what made me feel poorly (sugar) and I am doing my best to stay away from it. I have added dairy back into my diet (after all, a girl needs some flavored creamer in her coffee). I limit my starchy food intake to two servings per day with the rest of my food intake being fruits, veggies, protein, and a little dairy. The hardest part is limiting myself to only two starchy foods per day. It makes me very conscious of my food choices. Will I eat two slices of French toast for breakfast and then not be able to eat pasta for dinner or will I opt for a cup of cottage cheese and a banana so I can have a meatball sub later?

Are you finding yourself stuck in a weight loss rut? Look for a short term plan to jump start your health and you will find that your will power will gain strength.

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