January 2017 Fitness Challenge: Push-ups

Join the January 2017 Fitness Challenge: Push-ups #OneRollChallenge

January 2017 Fitness Challenge: Push-ups!

Can you believe it’s a New Year already?  That means most of us are setting new goals or making new resolutions right now.  So why not join in a NEW FITNESS CHALLENGE?!

Let’s PUSH it!

Time to tone and strengthen our chest, triceps and shoulders one crunch at a time!  Starting with 25 push ups on day 1 and adding just 2 more every few days (resting on the 5th day).  By the end of January we will be doing 50 push ups a day!  Be sure to check out this tutorial on Push Ups from SparkPeople before you begin.

*By the way – this is just one option.  If this is to difficult or easy for you, please don’t hesitate to modify it and let us know what you’re up to.

Join the January 2017 Fitness Challenge: Push-ups #OneRollChallenge

For me the best way to keep myself on track is to keep a check list going so I can easily see where I’m going and what I’ve already accomplished.  When it comes to fitness I also find posting it on my fridge helps me on many levels!  Making myself look at this challenge before entering my fridge helps my eating pattern too.

You can download this free printable of the January 2017 Fitness Challenge to print and post on your own fridge (or where ever you’d like to post it) by clicking the above image!  You can even add it to your Fitness & Weight Loss Planner.  If you haven’t downloaded your {free} planner yet just jump on over to the New Fitness & Weight Loss Planner post to subscribe and grab it while you can!

Keep up with everyone during our January Challenge right here on this blog post or via social media – just use #OneRollChallenge on FacebookTwitterGoogle+Instagram!  It’s time to show our support and push yourself to a new you!

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