Down 31 Pounds And Counting

Down 31 Pounds And Counting

Down 31.2 Pounds & Counting

It’s been a long road of changes.  Trial and error.  Ups and downs.  Any time you’re making major changes in your life, ANY type of changes, it can be tiring.  Well, this weight loss thing is no different.  It’s hard!  It’s challenging!!  It’s exhausting!!!  But it’s worth it!

Two years ago I crossed the 200.0 lbs mark on my scale.  I literally sat down and cried.  I hadn’t been that heavy since I was pregnant with my first kiddo (I weighed 227 lbs before I gave birth).  There I was, on my weigh back to my highest weight I’ve EVER been again!  I had hit rock bottom.  Seriously, what was wrong with me that I was allowing myself to do this all again?

In the past 2 years I’ve learned a lot about what to eat, when to eat, exercise, patience…   But most importantly – myself.  While I am not at my goal weight yet and definitely still learning.  I do feel like I’m on the right road finally.

Down 31.2 Pounds & Counting - On My Way

This week I was struggling to find that “get up and go” I’ve had for the past few months.  My weight loss has paused.  I’ve been a little stressed.  I just started questioning if I’ve really changed anything at all.

Even though I didn’t feel like taking my photo again (and I mean I REALLY didn’t want to) I did anyways.  When I looked at them on my phone I thought “You are crazy!  No way are these getting posted anywhere!”.  I didn’t see any change in my appearance!

Take Before Photos & Look At Them Often

But then I compared them to my photos I took 2 years ago when I was beginning my Shaklee Bloggers Program.  I was shocked!  I mean, honestly, I truly didn’t see a difference in myself until then.  I knew I was down 30+ lbs but wow.

As much as I dread taking my photos and looking at them makes me cringe, I’m thankful.  I’m thankful I did it.  I’m thankful that when I look at them I can see the difference.  When you’re in middle of these changes you are going to have days you need that little extra push.  You’re going to need that something that makes you step away from the ice cream.

You may not like your photo at the time.  But trust me, you will be thankful you took it later.  It’s a great way to encourage yourself to keep going.  Just think at how awesome you will look when you’re down another 30 lbs!

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