Creating Real Goals

Creating Real Goals

Creating Real Goals

It’s easy to say “I have a goal to lose weight”.  Right?!  You can say it until you’re blue in the face.  But what is going to make you actually reach that “goal”?  You need to be able to create real goals – something with a plan to attain them.

5 Steps To Creating Real Goals (And Reaching Them):

  1. Start With Your Why:  A little while back I shared with you the steps I take to write out and truly get to know my why.  These are really helpful to keep in mind while trying to reach your goals.  Why do you care about your goal?
  2. Write Down Your Progress Goals:  For each goal I like to give myself at least 3 progress goals.  These are mini goals I need to reach to meet my ultimate goal.
    • For Example:  My 13 week goal is to weight 155 lbs.  My 3 Progress Goals are – Cardio 30 minutes a day 6 days a week.  10,000 Steps a day minimum.  Eat 3 Clean Meals a day 6 days a week.
  3. Give Each Progress Goal an Action or Task:  Further breaking down these Progress Goals in to 3 tasks or action steps helps you achieve these mini goals.
    • Another Example:  Cardio 30 minutes a day 6 days a week (Progress Goal) Action Steps – Do not go back to sleep after my hubby leaves for work.  Complete workout video each morning.  Push to complete each video in it’s entirety.
  4. Write Down How Reaching Your Goal Will Improve Your Life:  I’m sure you’ve thought about this but write it down.  Give detail about how reaching this goal will improve your life.  You’re going to have those days where you don’t feel like doing your action steps.  So when you write it down, write it in a way that you can sell yourself on continuing down the road.
  5. Write Down How You Will Reward Yourself:  So something I’ve had to change was what my rewards would be.  I mean, you can’t reward yourself with a milkshake when you’ve reached a weight loss goal.  So think of something you could really use for a reward.  Like mine for the next 13 weeks is $100 in new clothes for myself.  When I reach my 13 Week Goal I’ll be in need of better fitting clothes so that’s an exciting reward for me!

This and so much more is just one of the wonderful Goal Tracking Techniques I’ve learned through using my BestSelf Journal.  It’s a planner & journal all in one and I feel so much more organized because of it!  I get a new one quarterly so you are just focusing on 13 weeks at a time – nothing too overwhelming.

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