Jump Start Your Health

Jump Start Your Health In August I had enough of feeling lousy, tired, and feeling my heart flutter. I knew I was not eating in a way that producing good health- ice cream, cookies, cake, are not parts of a well-balanced diet. In my head I knew I needed to change things around drastically. However, the will power to do so was just not there. In the evening I would crack and grab a few cookies from the pantry or {Read More}

In Pursuit of Health…

In Pursuit of Health.. I am excited to report that my month of May went much better than all the months so far this year.  Not because of exercise, though.  I have to admit that I did not exercise much.  However, I still reduced my weight by more* than 18 pounds.  I started really REALLY actively DOing the program I started on May 5th.  I started a couple weeks before that with reading and study to begin the process of {Read More}