Create A Schedule That Works For You

Create a Schedule That Works For You Everyone has a different schedule to keep.  A different set of non-negotiable tasks and appointments we need to keep daily.  Even those “set” ones can change day to day.  So finding the best time for you to work out is a very personal (and sometimes difficult) task.  BUT it’s a very important step in your new life goals. For me, my schedule is already jam-packed.  Between homeschooling my girls, working from home, dance {Read More}

What’s Your Why?

What’s Your Why? Everything we do we do for a reason.  Whether we are conscious of that reason or not.  However, when get to the “point of action” our reason can be what drives us.  Our why. One of the best places to start with your weight loss journey is with your why.  Why do you want to lose weight?  Your health?  Your family?  That dress you’ve been drooling over?  A special occasion?  Why are you ready to change your life? The last couple {Read More}

New Year – New You

New Year – New YOU Happy New Year!!!  What is it about those 3 little words that you feel so energized and like anything is possible? I was feeling very excited about 2017 and now it’s here.  I’ve been spending time praying about what is important to me, how to prioritize my time, and what to allow myself to focus on.  See, 2016 (well at least the last half of the year) was very very difficult.  I lost my job that {Read More}

January 2017 Fitness Challenge: Push-ups

January 2017 Fitness Challenge: Push-ups! Can you believe it’s a New Year already?  That means most of us are setting new goals or making new resolutions right now.  So why not join in a NEW FITNESS CHALLENGE?! Let’s PUSH it! Time to tone and strengthen our chest, triceps and shoulders one crunch at a time!  Starting with 25 push ups on day 1 and adding just 2 more every few days (resting on the 5th day).  By the end of January we will {Read More}

Fitness & Weight Loss Planner – FREE

New Subscribers Only Freebie Fitness & Weight Loss Planner   Can you believe it? It’s nearly 2017!!!  I can honestly tell you I am so NOT ready for it.  I mean, 2016 has not been my best year as far as weight loss and fitness goes (not my worst either).  It started off great.  Then hit a bump.  Then I got back on track.  Then hit a pothole and I have staid there ever since. So after having a little {Read More}

Turning The BIG 4-0

Turning The BIG 4-0 I’ve been thinking about this post and this day for awhile now.  Longer than anything else I’ve ever written I think.  Entirely too long for sure.  Turning 40…  I’m just not ready. I have gone from wanting to run and hide from this day.  To wanting to cry.  To pretending it’s not really happening.  But it is.  I’m 40. Maybe it wouldn’t feel so sad and let’s face it – depressed – if I had reached {Read More}

Down 31.2 Pounds & Counting

Down 31.2 Pounds & Counting It’s been a long road of changes.  Trial and error.  Ups and downs.  Any time you’re making major changes in your life, ANY type of changes, it can be tiring.  Well, this weight loss thing is no different.  It’s hard!  It’s challenging!!  It’s exhausting!!!  But it’s worth it! Two years ago I crossed the 200.0 lbs mark on my scale.  I literally sat down and cried.  I hadn’t been that heavy since I was pregnant with {Read More}

New Year – New Goals

New Year – New Goals 2015 There is no better time to focus on building a better you than right now!  A new month – A new year – a new day!   Here are two fun ways to kick start your fitness for 2015 – join us! January Fitness Challenge – Crunches! I’m so excited to start this new year!  2015 is the year we all stick to it – make it a habit – change our life style {Read More}

Running for People Who Hate Running

Running For People Who Hate Running Can I be honest for a second? I HATE running. Hate it. If I could choose any one thing to eliminate from the face of the earth forever, it would probably be a toss up between cockroaches and running. But…in the years I’ve been fighting the good fitness fight, I have yet to find an exercise that is better for my overall health than running. And, trust me, I’ve tried them all: power walking, {Read More}

Overcoming Unhealthy Eating Habits

Overcoming Unhealthy Eating Habits Lots of people love food. I don’t. In fact, my feelings about food hover somewhere between “basic necessity” and “worst enemy”. I cannot recall a time that I have eaten food without feeling either rushed and/or guilty. The idea of sitting down to eat a meal and purely enjoying the experience without nagging fears of gaining weight or appearing greedy is a novel concept to me. It seems strange to write this out. Even reading this {Read More}