Turning The BIG 4-0

Turning The BIG 4-0 I’ve been thinking about this post and this day for awhile now.  Longer than anything else I’ve ever written I think.  Entirely too long for sure.  Turning 40…  I’m just not ready. I have gone from wanting to run and hide from this day.  To wanting to cry.  To pretending it’s not really happening.  But it is.  I’m 40. Maybe it wouldn’t feel so sad and let’s face it – depressed – if I had reached {Read More}

Down 31 Pounds And Counting

Down 31.2 Pounds & Counting It’s been a long road of changes.  Trial and error.  Ups and downs.  Any time you’re making major changes in your life, ANY type of changes, it can be tiring.  Well, this weight loss thing is no different.  It’s hard!  It’s challenging!!  It’s exhausting!!!  But it’s worth it! Two years ago I crossed the 200.0 lbs mark on my scale.  I literally sat down and cried.  I hadn’t been that heavy since I was pregnant with {Read More}

Knowing What Needs to Change And Changing It

Knowing What Needs to Change – And Changing It! One of the hardest things in weight loss can actually be knowing what you need to change.  Or maybe you know what to change but don’t know where to start. Always began this weight loss journey with your doctor.  Sometimes it’s just not as simple as eat less & healthier and exercise more.  Sometimes there are other issues going on with your body and those may need to be addressed first. {Read More}

Even Baby Steps…

How did YOU do last month?  I hope you’re doing better than me! My children and I traveled to Utah and back and then the whole family took a trip to Ft. Lauderdale all within the first 16 days of April.  The drive to Utah was accomplished in two days each way and the Ft. Lauderdale trip was a long one.  All of it was wonderfully exhausting. I did get a bit more walking and movement in during all the {Read More}

Trying to Regain My Focus

Trying to Regain My Focus I am amazed and sad with myself at how easy it is for me to become sidetracked and lose my focus.  It’s all to easy for little things to challenge journey on bettering myself (eating better and consistently working out).  Now throw in a few major things becoming problems in my world and I have not only fallen off the wagon but it has officially run me over! This is not something that I am {Read More}

Emotions Get the Best Of Me

Emotions Get the Best of Me I have one hurdle that I struggle with every day and it’s not what you are thinking.  I LOVE working out.  Well, I love to eat also.  But neither of these are the problem.  Here’s my deep, dark secret…I am an emotional eater. Hello, My name is Bethany and I am an emotional eater. There…I said it.  Does that make me feel better?  No not really since it doesn’t change the daily struggle.  I {Read More}

Simple Berry-Banana Smoothie

Simple Berry- Banana Smoothie I love having something to relax with in the evening with my hubby. Usually it is a cup of coffee and a granola bar… or popcorn…. or a small bag of chips if I have the calories left over in my day and can “afford” it. However, those snacks do not quite fill me as much as I would like and usually leave me wanting more. Instead, I have been making smoothies for us to enjoy. {Read More}

The Enemy of the “Best” Is Often The “Good”

Another rough month for me as far as getting out to walk for exercise.  How about you? I’ve learned, relatively recently, a definition of the word “excuse” that has really stuck with me and caused me to question myself and my words more than ever.  Dani Johnson says, “Excuses are well-planned lies.”  Do you agree?  As for me, I’m finding that it’s mostly (if not always) true.  When it comes right down to it, we make happen what is most {Read More}

Motivation: What quote motivates you?

Motivation There is one quote I always turn to when I need some motivation.  “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right. “ Henry Ford Now, the reason I love this is because he is completely correct.  We are the only ones that get in our way.  We are the only ones that can keep ourselves from accomplishing all the things we dream of.  Others can try to stop you from accomplishing something BUT you are {Read More}

Snack Time: My Favorite Healthy Snacks

Snack Time: My Favorite Healthy Snacks I don’t know about you, but when I am trying to eat healthy and workout my hunger goes into overdrive and my cravings change a TON.  So, for my post today I wanted to share a few of my favorite things to snack on that are healthy and beneficial to my, and hopefully, your journey.  Just to let you know, before I get started sharing my favorite snacks, that I am not a nutritionist, {Read More}